EMERGING FEMINISMS, Chemistry Class – The Feminist Wire


By Katie Suleski


little boys pick on little girls

they adore

but sometimes

big boys, to little girls

take things too far

“boys will be boys” the teachers

say, but when Susan’s skirt is too short

the teacher wags his finger

and she is sent home.


but big girls wear short skirts

for big boys in hopes they will get picked on

and marry big boys

because their touches, even the hard ones,

the ones that hurt,

mean that they love them.


or so we tell girls.




Kathryn_Suleski-tumblr_nt4zqrQ3tW1qhrkc6o1_500Kathryn Suleski is a full-time college student with a passion for poetry and prose. Kathryn’s favorite poets are Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, from whom she derives inspiration.