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Thank you for your interest in writing for The Feminist Wire. We are an editorially-reviewed online feminist publication. We welcome feminist essays, stories, poetry, plays, and visual art in three major categories: Arts & Culture, Emerging Feminisms, and Personal Is Political. We define feminism very broadly, and we are deeply committed to anti-racist and anti-imperialist approaches. Topics and genres may vary.

Writers should reference other articles on the site to familiarize themselves with content and style. If your submission intrigues us, we will contact you before copyediting and publishing. Please see below for specific Literary Submission guidelines. Note that we are not currently accepting general submissions that do not fit into one of the three categories above. Publication of critical essays in The Feminist Wire is by invitation only, including invited forums.

Also please note that we do not accept simultaneous submissions for Personal Is Political or Emerging Feminisms. We reserve exclusive right of review in these columns, in large part because of the extensive editorial guidance the teams offer. If your work is under review elsewhere, then please do not submit your work to us.

The Feminist Wire welcomes only the highest quality original, unpublished essays by emerging writers on politics and society, popular culture, law, religion, health and bodies, sexuality, human rights, activism, education, sports, fashion, transnational and global issues, and many other topics. We also welcome poetry and short fiction; see “literary submission guidelines” below. Our word limit for essays is about 1,500, but we have published longer pieces where warranted.

Also, we do not publish previously published works (this includes works previously posted to personal blogs, Facebook pages, Tumblr, or any other venue), with the exception of poetry, short stories, and other art forms, especially those that may have appeared in small-run print versions. Please let us know immediately if you need to withdraw your submission while it is under our review (or simply withdraw it using Submittable). We are entirely volunteer-run, and our time and labor are precious.

Because we do not accept simultaneous submissions, we are also deeply committed to providing a response within one month. And our responses are quite detailed; we can promise thorough and generous peer review and copyediting of your work if accepted.

The Feminist Wire is a free Open Access educational publication that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work’s authorship and initial publication in this news site. Authors retain copyright and grant the news site right of first publication. Specifically, if you should publish your article elsewhere after publishing with us, the article must provide visible credit or a link to The Feminist Wire. Terms are negotiated for book reprints.

It is a general principle of The Feminist Wire that articles we have accepted and published remain extant and as close to the published version as possible. In the event that an article is discovered to be fraudulent, plagiarized, or negligent, we will remove it. In the event that an author wishes to remove a published article, we will balance our commitment to independence and “truth telling” with a desire to minimize harm to the author and others. TFW editors reserve the right to decide what is published and what remains on our site.

Please note that we are a non-paying market.


Literary Submission Guidelines:

The Feminist Wire is proud to publish outstanding works by both established and emerging writers. We accept poetry, fiction, memoir, visual art, and drama submissions year-round. We do accept simultaneous submissions in this category only, but we expect to be notified immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Fiction writers and memoirists should submit no more than 2000 words of prose. Playwrights should submit one short scene of no more than four minutes (usually four pages in standard play format). Poets should submit one to three poems (no more than one poem per page and no more than five pages total). Visual artists should submit up to five images of work along with an artist’s statement. If your submission does not meet these criteria, it will be declined.

When submitting your work, please be sure to include the following:

  • A header within your document that includes your name, email address, and the title(s) of your submission(s).
  • Your full name (or pen name) on each page.
  • Page numbers for works over one page.
  • A title for each separate submission (for example, if you are submitting poetry, each of your poems should have a separate title).
  • A short (one-paragraph) bio that includes any previous publications, workshop experience, or other information about your writing life. This should be included within your document.
  • Also, as an attachment, please send a photo of yourself that you’d like us to use if your work is accepted, and links or jpeg files of any images you think might complement your work if published on the site.
  • If your submission has been published elsewhere, please include full publication information within your document.

The response time for literary submissions may range from 3 weeks to 3 months. However, our goal is to respond within 6 weeks of submission. We are an all volunteer crew and we read each submission with great care. We appreciate all who share their work with us.

The best way to get a sense of the kinds of creative work we publish is to take a look at our Arts and Culture section before you submit. Please note that because we share our Arts and Culture page with other columns, poems that experiment with white space tend not to work as well on our site. We invite you to read and enjoy!

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