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Top 15 Things TFW Accomplished in 2015

Happy New Year! We are raising a glass to you — and to us. Because of your dedicated support, TFW continues to be a critical light in feminist media publishing, effecting change by telling the other side of the story and amplifying voices not typically elevated. We are proud to be doing this work in community with you.

And to be explicitly clear, what we do at TFW is rare. We are sure you’ve noticed there is NO other online publication quite like us. Though the feminist media landscape is ever-growing (and for this we are thankful), we are more committed than ever to uniquely doing intersectional, informed, innovative, nuanced, and critical work. We eschew binaries and easy answers in the quest for complex stories and analyses.

2015 started off BIG, and it has been an amazing year for intersectional feminist writing, accountable teaching, and collective action. As we embark on 2016, we reflect, like the Sankofa bird, on our trials and triumphs. It wasn’t an easy year for any of us who seek justice, but we made it through, making a significant collective impact. And we have so much in store for 2016!

In the meantime, pick up your glass. Thanks for all you did in 2015 to make TFW’s work possible. Here is a selective offering of our impact last year:

  1. Black Life Matters Conference
  2. The 1st Annual Poetry Contest
  3. Reorganized Elementary and College into Emerging Feminisms
  4. Forum on “Our Abortions, Our Lives”
  5. Forum on Collective Voice of the Voiceless: Campus Violence, Resistance, and Strategies for Survival
  6. Signed contracts for UA Press partnership
  7. Three-part series on transgender medicine by anthropologist Eric Plemons
  8. Forum on Climate Change and Feminist Environmentalisms
  9. Coverage of Sandra Bland’s arrest and murder
  10. Published the NWSA Statement
  11. Took on racism and labor abuse in the academy
  12. Launched our new website for increased online presence  
  13. Wrote nuanced analysis of raced and gendered power in state and school violence
  14. Envisioned a model of feminist sustainability–took breaks, slowed down, asked what happens when we do less better
  15. Invited new Collective members to join our ranks: Patrisse Marie Cullors, Mick Powell, Niki Heard, Nina Sharma, Vanessa Lovelace, and Lucy Short

Here at TFW, we love each other — and we express that love through dialogue, collective work, and holding each other accountable. We also express that love through our support for TFW — many of us contribute monthly to pay the bills. Bringing you intersectional analysis, creative writing, and new works takes many hours weekly — and we do it all for free, with no advertising or paid staff. The Feminist Wire is a labor of love, for all of us.

In that spirit, we ask that you consider making a donation to TFW for 2016. A one-time offering in any amount — the price of a latte or takeout — is deeply appreciated. And if you are willing and able to be a sustaining monthly donor, we would be over the moon! Our one-time and monthly donors help us with basic expenses and encourage us to continue our vital work.

Invest in justice.
Empower the marginalized.
Make a difference.

We are so grateful for your support!

In Peace and Solidarity,

The TFW Collective