– Luanda calling, Berlin burning – (Stop) – The Feminist Wire

– Luanda calling, Berlin burning – (Stop)

By WoMANtís RANDom

Paris warning, London BrrreX -that’s it. I’ll go ahead after I got head. Abra accompanies this written piece with „Crybaby“. I have this one story to tell.

I got this one opportunity to spread my random wishes out into the feminist worrrld. Once upon a time, I lived in a colony called Canada. I have many cat lives. I almost died and came back. More than once actually. The last time, 3 years ago, I was attacked in front of my homo. I have been moved by:

  • my experiences,
  • my emotions
  • dominant narratives,
  • my freedom of thoughts
  • my ancestors,
  • my families
  • random stories
  • violent experiences that I made throughout my lifetime.

I feel challenged to write this text. To be in public. To be used in public. To have no privacy and to advocate for public-privacy in this CAPA-City that I would like to call Vera-City. But no-body re-names that city.

So Diverse-City looks for tourists and general white hipster adventurers pretty. LEt’s be real, not only class-ism is an issue here .


„“WE“ are Sun-Sad & “WE“ Sun-Rize


You ask me what it’s like in this world?
And I ask you: What issit like to be in a strange group?
Not only in East Germany has this “tradition“ come a-la-la-long
„“We“ don’t value the voices of the freedom fighters more than
the nationalists ones.
First: „They“ burn their houses
And: Earlier the books.
Firefighters try to handle
what “The Others“ do with hooks.



There are some strange groups AND
Everyone KNOWS what’s going on (oooh what’s going on?)
Planting plenty of strange fruits
In the night, night they come along.
My moon is full
And my neckhairs are shaking
AND: you shake the Bus. (Refuge not welcome)

_ This song has never stopped_
AND: The resistence as well
Colonialism and Gender Burn
to well, well;


I try to be the best version(s) of myselves                  (repeat)

You want me to be
The BEST version of myself
Sometimes YOU fail
And I don’t.


I want you to be the best version(s) of yourselves
Sometimes you will fail
Sometimes you won’t.

I like to BE the best (in-)version of myselves
Often you fail
Or maybe not?

There are some strange groups AND
Everyone KNOWS what’s going on
Planting plenty of strange fruits
In the night, night they come along.

_ This song has never stopped_
Colonialism and Gender burn
to well, well;

I demand Responsibilty with Fragility,
Accountability and Accessibilty combined with
Sustainability and no Nationality.
Appreciation, Respect for every living being
and all environments. Prisons are not natural. Stop this complex –
as things are not complicated. Simple.
This is an offer to e-value all of your Emo!-tions.
Start with Empathy and LOVE.

To all souls who have been disappearing for centuries.
For the ones that are still being missed or being target
due to their Fancyness, Homeless-ness, „iD-lessness“, “Crazyness“, Blackness.
The ones who did not built the walls and fences but felt them with
every BREATH
In the ENDless waters of WORDpromises…



WoMANtís RANDom, born in 1Q84, is a non-budget storyteller who grew up in communism, racism, capitalism, ableism, homonationalism and Afro-futurism. RANDom lives in Dignity, a district in VERA-City, the last island for opportunity-sea-creatures in CAPA-City. DIVERSE-CITY and CAPA-CITY are glocally connected, randomly. As RANDom sings: “eXistence is Evidence enough“. W.R. plays JAZZPUNK in “random“ public-private spaces and places.  As my favorite singer Skin from Skunk Anansie sings “They try to intellectualize my Blackness“ but “I know 100 Ways to be a good “girl*“.  RANDom works with BlackTrans Rebel and other Black and QT*B*POCS in several projects like “BREAK ThE BiNARY“ and “Der Braune Mob e.V.“ ( Translation(s) become important as well as the longing for justice that is loooong overdue. In 2016, W. RANDom published a book to honour all kind of family constellations called „“Rubberband Family/ Gummiband-Familien“ (bilingual book in German and English).