COLLEGE FEMINISMS: Everyday Athlete – The Feminist Wire


By Mariah Conn


Start workout.

My shoe feels loose.

Glance behind.

This hill is too steep.

Nailed it.

Oh, the tunnel.

Better take out one earbud.

I’m glad there’s shade.

Mile one.

This song is too loud.

Is there anyone behind me?

God, this sun is brutal.

I should’ve worn sunscreen.

Mile Two.

Seven minutes forty five seconds.

My time is getting better.

I would be too tired to fight off an attack.

I’m over-pronating.

These dragonflies are gorgeous.

Mile Three.

I feel incredible.

I should make sure no one sees me enter my apartment.

End Workout.



DSCN3695Mariah Conn is a graduating senior with a B.A. in both History and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Connecticut. Mariah’s undergraduate thesis focused on women’s experiences in Nazi concentration camps. Mariah is excited to branch out to non-academic writing and has started a poetry compilation targeting issues of race, class, and gender on college campuses.