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EMERGING FEMINISMS: Rainbow Fire: Equality of Marriage

By Hannah Seelman

rainbow fire



Rainbows everywhere.

Yet, all that I know is our love.

For so long it has been denied.

Angry shadows of discrimination pushing us.

The people feeding off such hatred

But the light has been turned on.

Sending hopeful butterflies in my core.

Setting my entire being in flames.


A smoky campfire on a cool night.

Stars igniting the sky.

Moon laughing far above our minds.

Sharing a wool blanket

We smile amongst friends.

I look in her crystal blue eyes and see a pure soul.

It is true

I am in love.

She is my fire.


These embers of my love are so fierce

that any gun faced at my body

should melt away.

Bullets of hatred


Sparks ignite as our delicate lips should kiss

I truly do believe

God smiles.


I am warm from her love as a heated blanket

in my mind and soul.

We braid each other’s hair as streamers

intertwined in the wind.



Her favorite book is Harry Potter.

She sees the magic in life

I love her all the more for this.

We never watch the movies

But listen to the audio books

As we paint each other’s nails in colored sparks.


I do crave this marriage so we are united as one.

Her being rests in my entire soul.

I do take this marriage as a rock no knife can cut through.

Her love is just as solid.

I do understand this marriage as any other between any two people in unison.

Her love to me is unique.

I do not mock your marriage

I just believe in it so much from the bottom of my foundation that I want it for



Rainbows blowing up my facebook page

To stand for those who have been silenced for too long.

I stare in awe at the computer screen.

We have freedom.

I cry and smile as my lips send rays of joy to my face.

This love is so much more than a multi-colored banner.

It burns

in the best way possible.

She is my fire.



picture007Hannah Seelman is a student and proud feminist  at Western Michigan University studying Spanish and creative writing. She has pet rats and a chameleon. Check out her blog at