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Elementary Feminisms: Two Poems by Lorean Galarza

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I’m sorry.

What you are asking for is not an option.

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My breasts are my own.

Do not ask me if you can see them.


My waist is my own.

Do not touch it.


My lips belong to me.

As do the words that come from it.


My legs are made for climbing mountains,

not to distract adolescent boys and immature men.


My cheeks are not sweet,

nor am I your baby.




Ask me about my friends.

Other women.

who have been touched.




Ask me how they felt

when they begged for help and mercy

and were told:

This page Is Not Available




Ask me how I felt

when the Unspeakable

was threatened to be done.


That Page Is Available.






This is what I have been taught to scream

when someone is attacking me.


They say,

do not scream “rape!”

do not scream “help!”

do not scream “but please!”


Scream “fire!”


Because otherwise no one will want to help you.

No one will care.

Your body’s violation

is not as important

as the threat of an invisible flame.


Then I will get fined

for lying

because my single lie

held more power

than one disgusting




Galarza bio photoLorean Galarza is a sixteen-year-old high school student.  She aspires to be a pediatric nurse and hopes to help children around the world to receive higher quality health care. Lorean has been writing poems and short stories since middle school—both writing and feminism are very important to her.  She strives for a better future for all women through education and writing.  She advocates for humane feminism and the importance of feminism in her short stories and poems because she believes anti-feminism is harmful for everyone.