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Poetry by Ansley Clark




How to arrange myself in a pleasing

yet adequately compelling way


how does interiority fare

when I walk through the world    touching things


green stalks    real running water

the scent of plain noodles


configurations of flowers and space    the void marked

by bright squares


of people’s activities    everything

the technology collective gives us


consensual allowances into

distant women’s lives    feel intimate and generous    I like


to see what kind of day someone is having

there are so many different ways to have a day


how we carry ourselves

maybe has some effect    the decision to


take a photo of my face against blue   is this interesting

enough    is this    is this





A Room



Two women hold secret meetings

in the old boathouse

because there is nowhere else left    growing up

a woman lived in the woods

behind our house    I’m trying to argue

for wasted spaces

as allowances    I will buy

or take    what is not wanted

inhabit a small morning

of light edges    not bound

by anyone to listen





Ansley Clark recently graduated with her MFA from University of Colorado Boulder, where she also teaches creative writing. She is the author of the chapbook Geography (dancing girl press 2015). Her poems and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming from Typo, Black Warrior Review, Denver Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Sixth Finch, interrupture, and elsewhere.