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EMERGING FEMINISMS, Two Poems: “Look Out for the Girl” and “Under the Water I Remember”

By Katerina Roger

Photo of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Look Out for the Girl

This young lady will give us a taster
he says.
assuming away a drop of our beer.
to his same same companion, draped over the bar.

my white apron, polite smile, and vagina.
all encouragement for his subtle head tilt
and suggestive smile.

A flock in ironed shirts and tight jeans,
running errands for the angry.
Their stripes and shouts
careering around the kitchen.

The opportunity to earn lies
In our smiles,
Our bodies,
Our passive, giggling
Desperation for another ten percent.
A part of which
already belongs.
to the chefs.

Every word, every smile we sell.
The way we walk,
The way we slip beside your static body
to clear away your debris.

every angle of me
given to your glance.

The man-ager aggressively strides,
jaw clenched and barely disguised rage.
As always.

For a moment, I meet the eye of someone seated
without a smile
Hard faced cow.

This shirt, this show.
Here to highlight
Here to hide
Our place.

Around their places and expectations
we dance.
Decorating their reality
with every
last ounce of us.


Under the Water I Remember

Under the water
I begin to remember, it’s mine.

Silver handles pulled.
Leavers tilted.
Clothes peeled
collapsing to their floor.
A momentary hiatus from their duties.
Emphasize, attract, and hide.

Cold toes immersed.
Pale ankles, calves.
Hands gripping white plastic.
Lowering the empty womb,
with a gasp.

Down and down.
Until pink nipples and white breasts
Refuse to hide.

Fingers, feet intermittently swirl.
Breaths and sighs
Reddening skin.

These legs
This stomach
The knees
they’re mine.

The fair hair
Constellations of moles,
they’re mine.

The water rises
the crease of my neck
my chin my ears
we tilt.

Back we go
ears fill and pop with water
back back
with eyes closing
nipples stubbornly buoyant.

Under here
Away from there
We find each other
in this chamber of isolation
There is no room for everything
They take.


Katerina Roger is a half Finnish hospitality manager who splits her time between England and Australia. She studied at Brunel University and, after a travel filled decade, is embarking on a teaching career as a means to empower and educate. She is dedicated to spreading the word of empowerment. She has a contagious laugh and should do more yoga.