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We need you! Please support TFW

Dear Friend of The Feminist Wire,

Collective care and support is a feminist practice we at The Feminist Wire (TFW) work to embody. Today, we are writing because we need your help.

The Feminist Wire (TFW) was founded in 2010 by two black feminists, Hortense Spillers and Tamura Lomax. Their vision was threefold:

  • To create an online feminist destination for unapologetic anti-racist and anti-imperialist feminist critique in multiple forms.
  • To reframe how we talk, write and think about historically, politically, and socio-economically marginalized people.
  • To create space for centering emerging and seasoned intersectional feminist voices committed to telling the other side of the story.

Truth is, TFW isn’t like anything else out there. Not only are we, the editors and writers, all different, enabling a breadth of critical gazes dedicated to justice, but our work is different. It’s smart. It’s fresh. It moves deep and wide. It invites participation through Forums, special issues dedicated to timely topics, including Violence, Anti-Blackness, and Black Life Matters; Climate Change and Feminist Environmentalisms; Brown Feminisms; Assata Shakur and the Black Radical Tradition; and Love as a Radical Act, to name only a few. And it’s accountable to our community of readers and justice seekers. Most of our writers are Guest Contributors who have expertise and direct experience in what they write about. Several of them are less-experienced writers developing their voices by writing about the work they do as activists, students, and nonprofit workers. More than that, this work is supported by a small budget made up of generous contributions from our collective members and supporters like you. Please help us to continue the work.

We write because we believe in the vision and we desire a more just world. And we do it all for free. TFW prides itself on being an accessible source of radical critique and substance. Our work is used in a variety of arenas, from the classroom to the barbershop.

But while this work means our content can be free to the public, it costs. It’s the Third Shift for our editors and writers. And we need your help. It costs money to run the site. And though we aren’t paid writers, our labor isn’t free. Most of our expenses are paid out of pocket. However, this is neither feminist nor sustainable. We must pay our writers for their labor. To put it bluntly, something’s gotta change.

Please help keep TFW’s lights on by making a donation today. Your non tax-deductible gift will cover immediate operation expenses and allow us to give our editors a bi-annual stipend for their labor and our writers payments. In the upcoming weeks we will be launching our public campaign with a goal to raise $20,000 by April 8. Our hope is to begin the public campaign with $5,000 already raised.

Wondering what $20,000 will cover? It costs a minimum of $7,000 to run TFW annually. That’s hosting, legal, technological, and licensing fees. It does not include paying our editors who work tirelessly and around the clock to bring you superior feminist reading and teaching material. Our hope is to raise enough funds to cover us for the next two years, at minimum.

We need your help. TFW is facing a serious deficit and we need you to dig deep. We need at least 50 people to give at least $100. And we need at least 100 people to commit to being monthly givers, with a minimum $10 donation. Please make YOUR gift today. Every gift counts and no gift is too small.

To give your donation, please visit our Indiegogo campaign page.

Thank you,
TFW Family