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Manic Pixie Dream Cervix

By Sarah Cook


but she is like a glass woman

one ingredient, transparent

a hunter of too bad




why can’t she like sex

she likes sex too much

one or the other:

all women are manic

& at some point




took notes on

my abortion


June 3rd at 9am


2-3 hrs

light food before, stay hydrated



she gets off

by asking questions

about sex her doe-

eyes her flatness

an empowered line

straight and linear

her hair is linear her

chest is linear her

teeth are so lined up



she rejects men before

they reject her hopefully

she is Mary M. crying

on the front porch flat

& better off as a

painting but she’s never

quite finished &

never quite real



i didn’t ask for

this but am full of

questions like why wouldn’t

i want to be different





absent & ignoring

her own life as

she builds walls around

peripheral obstacles

tiny simmering houses

hot words & short hairs

the back of her neck



she is a tiny

house she is a tiny

lie flat chest flat face

we’ve all slid down

a similar boring surface but

she lives on the island of

self-doubt the shortest

landslide the short fat house

small billowing furniture she

sits still just long enough

to feign her own house-

warming to shut the

cute door behind her



in her natural setting

she is all disfigurement

& all space i learned

about space by feeling my

inside organs through

the outside & she

is the so safe moment

between effort & sweat


Manic Pixie Dream CervixSarah Cook is a poet and care-worker from Oregon. She appreciates writing that is interdisciplinary, poems that are spaces for still thinking through, and bodies that move in and out of context (all of us). She has written for Gaga Stigmata and has an essay included in the upcoming anthology, Electric Gurlesque. Excerpts from her manuscript, Notes on the post-body, have been published in Illuminati Girl Gang, Gesture Literary Journal, and N/A. She is an assistant reviews & interviews editor for Horse Less Press.