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2 poems by Sanchari Sur

Badaun Sisters

27 May, 2014, Katra Village, Badaun District, Uttar Pradesh, India


Strange fruits found on

dusty back roads in

forgotten Indian villages.



We, Dalit:        Untouchable

by day

violated           by right.



But boys will be boys

(read: upper caste Hindu men will

be, will always



We will be:






Can the subaltern speak?

and answers itself:




But a picture

can,      One Thousand Words of


journalise fodder,

social media revolutionaries’



shared              liked                retweeted

photo after photo after photo


two pairs of feet                                swaying

………………………..mid           air.






Origami me,

a prehistoric promise

made under the cover of

decayed conventions.


Impale me

into the folds of ritual,

sacred ablutions

meant to refashion

my seeping contours.


Mould me

into tedious earthenware,

my edges, dulled to suit

your trite sensibilities.


But be certain to keep

my lines     lucid

my ambiguities    erased


and my cravings






Sanchari_Sur-sanchari_surSanchari Sur is a feminist/ anti-racist/ sex-positive/gender queer Canadian who was born in Calcutta, India. Her work has been published in Map Literary, Barely South Review, LIES/ISLE, CURA, Women in Clothes (Penguin 2014) and elsewhere. A PhD candidate in English at Wilfrid Laurier University, she blogs at


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  2. Kaushik Chowdhury

    June 3, 2015 at 6:48 am

    Dear Sanchari,

    I am not sure whether you are in receipt of my earlier email and therefore at the risk of sounding repetitive I say that i look forward to your writings. I loved that photograph you had taken at the Aarati time in Bennaras and I believe you titled that piety….. I doubt the piety as captured by you is any less than that of the Pieta. It has been my wall paper for many years and everyone asks me about this picture which is so hauntingly beautiful…. I make it a point to tell them of you, the brave little kolkata girl who battles the weather and prejudices and so much more in Canada. 🙂 I hope you do not think that I am being condescending…. I assure you that I am not.

    Coming to these 2 poems….. Truth be told I liked neither. I guess I am a bigger fan of your prose than of your poetry and I assure you that the failings are mine in my inability to appreciate your thoughts.
    The 1st one speaks of an age old problem and we are somehow eauthenised to its horror. I firmly believe that despite being in the 22nd century CE India still lives in its villages and farms and those occupants irrespective of location are still uneducated and steeped in millenia of superstition and patriarchy…. into this volatile mix you throw the wonders of unsupervised television and internet freedom and you have Dalit atrocities which would make iron Mans stomach turn.
    2nd poem ………… ami bujhini ki bolte chaichhillen…. sorry!!

    DO keep writing and beast wishes,


    ( an appreciator of your art)

  3. Kaushik Chowdhury

    June 3, 2015 at 6:50 am

    PS I meant Best wishes!

  4. Arun Mukherjee

    June 3, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Very powerful poetry, Sanchari.