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TFW’s Heidi R. Lewis on Bitch Media’s “Propaganda”

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From the Bitch Magazine website:

What are young feminists excited about today? On this episode, we head back to school, talking with students around the country about feminism on campus. The first half of this show explores feminism inside and outside of the classroom, then we have three stories revolving around how colleges respond to sexual assault.

This show features interviews with Harvard Lampoon editor Alexis Wilkinson, Colorado College feminism and gender studies professor Heidi R. Lewis, filmmaker Kelly Kend, and a University of Oregon student who has deep thoughts on athletics and sexual assault. The team at education website Noodle brings us a story profiling the work of Columbia University artist and activist Emma Sulkowicz, who is carrying her mattress around campus to make a statement about sexual assault. Also on the show: smart ideas for changing campus culture from students at Wesleyan, University of Wisconsin Madison, Lewis and Clark, University of Washington, and UCLA.

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