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TFW’s Sikivu Hutchinson & Andrea Plaid at Atheists of Color “Moving Social Justice” Conference

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On October 11-12, the People of Color Beyond Faith network and Black Skeptics Group will host the first annual “Moving Social Justice” conference at the Center for Inquiry, Los Angeles.  The conference will feature panel discussions on race, intersectionality and atheism; prison pipelining and youth leadership; feminism(s) of color; confronting homophobia and transphobia in the Black Church; and the perspectives of LGBTQ atheists of color.  MSJ is co-organized by TFW Contributing Editor Sikivu Hutchinson and will feature TFW Contributing Editor Andrea Plaid as moderator for the Feminisms of Color panel.  Activists, educators and authors from the secular humanist, atheist and faith communities will participate.  The event is the first atheist/humanist conference to focus on social justice from the perspective of non-believers of color.  The Center for Inquiry is located at 4773 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

The speaker list also includes: AJ Johnson (Be Secular), Meredith Moise, Anthony Pinn (Rice University), Raina Rhoades and Kim Veal (Black Freethinkers), Donald Wright (Houston Black Non-Believers), Marlene Montanez, Thandisizwe Chimurenga (Ida B. Wells Institute), Teka Lark Fleming (Morningside Park Chronicle), Jenn Taylor (Black Atheists of Philadelphia), Georgina Capetillo (Secular Common Ground), Josh Parr (The Beat Within), Ashley Franklin (Labor Community Strategy Center), Mark Anthony (Coalition to End Sheriff Violence), Yolanda Alaniz (Radical Women), Sergio Ortega, Heina Dadabhoy (Freethought Blogs) and Nourbese Flint (Black Women for Wellness), Daniel Myatt and Frederick Sparks (Black Skeptics Los Angeles) and MC Brooks (Chocolate City Skeptics).

For detailed information including the conference schedule and registration, please click here.   Please also feel free to email [email protected] if you have specific questions that you would like to be addressed.