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Two Poems by Erin Parks

By Erin Parks


Erin Parks

Then and Now


3 Queens Haiku

Strange and strong Women

Transcending normal life things

Freedom in a word


 Erin Parks




For Men Who Claim They Love #TeamNatural

My hair is not easy to manipulate.

It takes time, patience, and skill.

Yes, you must know how to maneuver each curl.

Style it just so, that it doesn’t break.

Fortify the root.

Make me beautiful through hours of process.

If your hands move like magic, I will stand in awe of you.

I am my hair.

Move me.




Erin ParksErin Parks is a storyteller living in Brooklyn. Originally from Athens, GA, her work showcases Southern sensibility thrust against urban reality. Parks has shared her poetry and stories at the Inspired Word with Mike Geffner, New Voices Reading Series, and The Bodega Monthly. She has also been featured on the poetry site Scribble Therapy. Earning two Bachelor’s Degrees from The University of Georgia in Mass Media Arts and Sociology, she hopes to increase cultural awareness through her writing. Read the latest work from Erin Parks on You can also follow her @herdiamondback