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An Official Dad

I grew up a child of divorced parents. My father was gone most of the time, and my mom did everything for me. She was the sole caretaker. When I was six, in summer 2008, we left my hometown Nashville, TN to live in Phoenix, AZ. We were alone for about nine months before my mom started dating somebody. On my mom’s second or third date, I met him. His name was Bill. We went to a small, garden-like area in City North. He bought us frozen yogurt. My dog Bella came with me.

My favorite things to do with Bill are running, hiking, shopping, and swimming. Bill is a runner and has medals from every race, but he takes my sister and me hiking, too. That is probably when we have the most fun together. Bill and I shop a lot mostly at Target. Most of the time I don’t get things for myself but I like going and shopping for my house and my family.  When I’m in the pool, Bill always is willing to throw me and my little sister around.

Bill and Mason making cupcakes in Seattle, 2012

Bill has been around for more than three years and that includes Father’s Day. Father’s Day is different for me this year because I know soon I will have an official father to hug. Bill proposed to my mom on Mother’s Day and she said, “Yes!” It feels almost like relief. I feel different because more stress has been taken off my shoulders, and now I have an exciting job as a wedding planner. Bill is special because he is like a father to me. We still have our moments when we get mad at each other, but he is always there for me. I think Bill is a smart, brilliant, caring, and loving room mom (Bill volunteers in my classroom).

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love Bill and I know he loves me too

Bill is definitely helping me to become a better person, because when he came into my life, he brought his interests with him. That got me very active in feminism (along with my mom), immigration, and other politics. I am a very active citizen thanks to Bill.

Bill, you are the best thing (besides mom) that ever happened to Delaney and me.