Meteors – The Feminist Wire


to sleep all day in loving arms

or call my mother and hear her say

Bushra? I was thinking of you right now


to sleep all day in loving arms

or spend the morning

in my apartment in the Bronx

feeling the sun warm the linoleum

looking out the window and thinking:


I am dealing with mother nature

when I’m dealing with the weather

I’m not really missing out

I still get to see the moon

with its many shades

and its many shapes

I still get to see the sun

and have it light me up

all stars and warm


But maybe I’m lucky because

I’ve been to the country

and I’ve seen the suns burn out

and shoot across the dark


(and how many suns there are)

they say ours will too

and I believe it

because haven’t I seen them fall

some real fast, some real slow

stars, meteors and fireballs


until it seemed everything

was either stars or space or the light in between us

until it seemed even she and me

were only a tiny part


but that love was the light that moved between us

that would move on without us

that would always shoot

across the dark.