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Welcome to Motherhood

By Natashia Deón

If at dawn, I walked out into a busy intersection and

Was swept away by a glorious symphony—

Tires screeching,

Glass exploding,

Metal rejecting bone,

We would all be better off.


The driver would peer over her clinched steering wheel,

Through the mosaics of her shattered windshield,

To find a dark pile of clothes in the road; convincing herself that

What she hit was nothing.


She’d be right.

My new baby would be spared of me.

And my husband would make me an angel.


Natashia Deón is a Los Angeles attorney, creator of the reading series Dirty Laundry Lit and is currently penning her debut novel. Her work has appeared in The Rattling WallThe Coachella Review, and Strange Cargo. A 2010 PEN Emerging Voices Fellow, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference scholarship recipient, 2011 VCCA Fellow, and award-winning screenwriter, Deon is also a creative writing and screenwriting instructor working with PEN In The Classroom, 826LA, and Gettysburg College.