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Remedy for a Homophobic/Biphobic/Queerphobic/ Transphobic Naija

By Adaku Chinenye Utah

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 my country, Nigeria, passed an anti-gay bill through the Senate that would criminalize same-sex marriages and civil unions, with penalties of 14 years jail for participants and 10 years jail for anyone who assists or witnesses a marriage or union. Currently, under Nigerian penal code, same sex sexual activity is illegal. In addition to being imprisoned, residents who live in any of the 12 Northern States that have adopted Shari’a law can be punished by flogging and death by stoning. #FAIL #INJUSTICE #HUMANRIGHTSVIOLATION

Homophobia is a reflection of the legacy of colonialism that continues to plague my country. Nigeria we are better than this. Embracing homophobia only serves to weaken our country. Our nation cannot “be bound in freedom, peace and unity” when we demonize, alienate, punish and KILL parts of ourselves. Nigeria we MUST do better. We must “defend our unity and uphold our honor and glory”!!!

In solidarity with my fellow queer Nigerian kin, I wrote a prayer as a remedy to heal all that has attempted to silence our powerful selves.

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