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From the Editors on "Occupy Wall Street"

The Feminist Wire is happy to present a series on “Occupy Wall Street,” as it moves from its origin to 145 other cities throughout the United States and while the New York City protesters fight to keep their right to protest.  Furthermore, on the heels of the “riots” in England, the “Occupy Wall Street” model in Italy turned violent on Saturday, October 16.  Regardlless of the accusations that this protest or emerging movement exists without a specific focus, there is something in it–in the discussions of the distribution of wealth, the disenfranchised, the fiscal priorities of a government–that speaks to people across the United States and, now, globally.
To begin the series, Zillah Eisenstein and Chandra Talpade Mohanty give to us a statement in support of OWS, and ask us to consider our own position in the 99%.  Jennifer K. Uleman gives us her impressions from the front lines of Wall Street, the signs, the conversations, and the current state of the protest, now over three weeks on.  We appreciate these contributions to TFW and these authors’ visions and interpretations of the Occupy Wall Street pheonomena.
The Editors