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#eulogizingaretha: A Queen’s Kwansaba!

By Marshata Caradine-Randall

ARETHA lived, birthed, aborted, sang, played, gave

ARETHA denied, forbade, led, taught, learned, was

ARETHA chang’d, heal’d, mold’d, creat’d, reveal’d, contrl’d

ARETHA shared, cared, raised, refused, showed, deliver’d

ARETHA leaped, jumped, ran, fought, floated, won

ARETHA said, asked, claimed, forged, gained, lost

ARETHA was honor, legacy, root, and RESPECT.


“Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.” Henry Ford

I am mixed. There is no one thing in my DNA of which makes me uniquely me.

I am a commentator, motivationalist, empathy, encourager, epistolarian, writer, Jussa Sub, education/child/family life advocate, parent educator, wife, mom, granny mo and most importantly an agent of change.