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Photographs from The Aftermath by Paige Megan Hawley



My project, The Aftermath, was my way of coping with the after effects of rape. Each individual photograph reflects in detail what happened the night I was raped. Photographing and developing film was my way of beginning to heal, which lead on to my projects “Process” and “STOP”, developing the negatives by stopping the process, the development stages define my healing process of the after effects of rape.

I attended court this year to get justice from when I was raped. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the justice I wanted. It was the most difficult experience being made to feel like I’m the criminal when I am the victim. I stood up and made my voice be heard: no one should be silenced; I refused to be and still do. Others shouldn’t be silenced either. My photographs are to inspire others to go forward – the more exposure for this I think will help survivors to move forward in their lives and that, for me, is important.


Paige Megan Hawley, is a London based photographer, specialising in the fine art industry. The artist is looking to build a career within the creative industry of contemporary art. For more information: