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Poem: “Fatima Cries”

By Brian Burmeister



As she watches

her hair

fall to her feet.


Her father speaks as he watches

.            his wife take the same straight blade

.                        to Fatima

as she does to their sons.


Six years old, Fatima

.            does not understand her father’s words

.            as he says, “We must do what we can

.            to keep evil away.”


Does not understand when he


.             kneels,

.                          kisses her hand,

whispers, “Someday, I promise,

you will be pretty again.”



Burmeister HeadshotBio: Brian Burmeister is Program Chair of English and Communication at Ashford University. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University, where he was President of Ames-ISU for Darfur. His writing has appeared in Cleaver Magazine, Eunoia Review, and The Furious Gazelle. He can be followed @bdburmeister.