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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: An Open Letter to My Ex, Nude Picture

By Kaitlin Harris


Dear Gilbert,

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for keeping my private pictures (from two years ago, no less!) in your email even after I clearly broke it off with you. Thank you for giving me a state of panic in late May of 2015 when multiple people messaged me on Facebook saying, “Your nude pictures are up online…just so you know.” Thank you for the tears welling up in my eyes as I realized this to be true. Thank you for tearing my family apart from me with their different opinions of the situation, which mostly opposed mine. Thank you for persuading my mom to rant day in and day out, calling me a slut, and then five seconds later crying her eyes out, asking herself where she went wrong.

But more importantly, Gilbert, thank you for my massive epiphany.

Thank you for showing yourself out of my life with one simple action. Thank you for giving me the body confidence that I so desperately needed. Thank you for giving me the courage I had to have to go forth with plus size modeling. Thank you for teaching me about life through this lesson; I’ve learned that no matter what I go through, as long as I’m alive and breathing, nothing is as bad as it seems…that I really can conquer all and follow my dreams.

Thank you for posting my nudes!!!

All my BREAST,




20150525_132547Kaitlin Harris has always loved writing; it gets her through every, and any, situation. Kaitlin has won a number of prizes from writing contests, including $40 and a trip to Florida.

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