Music Feature: Las Krudas Cubensi – “Mi Cuerpo es Mio” [VIDEO] – The Feminist Wire

Music Feature: Las Krudas Cubensi – “Mi Cuerpo es Mio” [VIDEO]


Las Krudas Cubensi are Cuban Hip Hop MCs, independent musicians, poets, and theater performers representing womyn, immigrants, queer people and people of color through action as a central part of world change. They choose art as a weapon to fight against oppression, for justice,  balance, and our rights to celebrate life.

Kruda in Cuba means raw, unprocessed, unrefined, natural, real, deep.

Cubensi is a Latin word that defines some caribbean area native species.

Krudas Cubensi: The raw ones native from Cuba and the Caribbean, representing in the world.

Check out Las Krudas’ new video, “Mi Cuerpo es Mio,” below!


Las Krudas Cubensi – “Mi Cuerpo es Mio” (“My Body is Mine”)  [VIDEO]


corazon-200x300 Performing together as Las Krudas Cubesnsi, Odaymara Cuesta and Olivia Prendes have released several internationally-recognized albums, and have performed in multiple countries throughout the world, including United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Republica del Salvador, Guatemala, and more. Learn more at, and support the music here.