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Audre Lorde Tribute

By Blanche Wiesen Cook and Clare Coss
Audre Lorde Image copyright: Dagmar Schultz

Audre Lorde
Image copyright: Dagmar Schultz

To Audre – beloved friend – as a galactic birthday celebration your words went viral on the internet this week:  “It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.”  White southern sports anchor Dale Hansen quoted you on live Dallas TV in defense of linebacker Michael Sam’s coming out as gay.  Your words, your bold warrior spirit called up, to fight rampant homophobia in football.
“Today is not the day” you wrote so eloquently.  “Today is Not the Day” —  that day came on l7 November l992.  Now  Your Day is every day.  Your bold writings, your determination to face down fear continues to embolden our vision and inspire courage and activism on every front.
Our hearts are with you, enhanced and encouraged by you in the world and in our lives — as we stormed the barricades, shoulder to shoulder across all differences and divides.  At the core —  our loving family and lavender memories!
Blanche Wiesen Cook

Blanche Wiesen Cook

Clare Coss

Clare Coss

Blanche Wiesen Cook and Clare Coss were intimate friends of Audre Lorde, Frances Clayton, Ed Rollins, and are proud god-mothers to Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, Jonathan Rollins.


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