TFW Available for Women’s History Month! – The Feminist Wire

TFW Available for Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month!

And The Feminist Wire is available for speaking engagements.

If you follow our work, you know that we serve a three-pronged mission: feminism, anti-racism, and anti-imperialism. So if you’re seeking something beyond the pale for Women’s History Month, check us out.

If you’re interested in learning more about bringing any of our speakers to your campus (or a group for a panel), including our program fees, please email us at [email protected].

Available speakers include (in alphabetical order):


Founder of SHE: Survivor Healing + Empowerment (a healing community for survivors of rape, abuse and sex-trafficking), award-winning poet and performing artist, author of Kore of the Incantation.

Expertise: sex-trafficking; domestic violence;  sexual assault

Based in Austin, Texas


Stephanie Gilmore


Historian, writer, educator, activist

Expertise: sexual violence on college campuses; feminist activism; LGBT and women’s history; oral history

Based in Philadelphia, PA



img_3760_1-web-crop-228x300-1NICOLE M. GUIDOTTI-HERNÁNDEZ 

Associate Professor of American Studies at UT, author of Unspeakable Violence

Expertise: transnational feminist theories; violence, trauma and borderlands history; Latino/a Studies; gender and sexuality studies; immigration activism

Based in Austin, TX





Teacher, writer, activist, co-founder of Mobile Homecoming

Expertise: Black feminism; poetry; publishing

Based in the Southeast




Assistant Professor of Feminist and Gender Studies, activist, writer

Expertise: feminist theory; gender and sexuality; media and popular culture; Black studies; critical race theory; critical whiteness studies; social justice and activism

Based in Colorado Springs, CO


Tamura A. Lomax


The Feminist Wire Co-Founder, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, VCU

Expertise: theorist and historian of race, gender, and popular culture

Based in Virginia


IMG_0274-1-182x274ANDREA PLAID

Writer, actor, former editor of Racialicious, associate producer of Black Folk Don’t

Expertise: race, feminism, and social media; race, sex, and feminism; race, feminism, and urban planning; race and feminism across media platforms; reproductive justice and media; social justice writing




Sociologist, author of Saving Face, activist

Expertise: medicine and bodies; appearance; intersectional politics; feminist pedagogy; queer life; social justice and activism; girls’ empowerment

Based in Asheville, NC


noii-harsha-300x225HARSHA WALIA

Activist, author of Undoing Border Imperialism, transnational feminist, co-founder of No One is Illegal and Radical Desist

Expertise: anti-racist feminism; capitalism; immigration; imperialism; violence against women

Based in Vancouver, Canada