COLLEGE FEMINISMS: I am a girl – The Feminist Wire


By Rasheé Johnson

I am a girl

With imperfect skin

With imperfect intentions

I am an imperfect person

With a strong spirit

But with strong doubts

I doubt myself

As do you

With your statements

Of fact, of course

You say:

“You’re so sensitive”

And I say:

“Am I?”

Am I really?

Do I really,

Respond quite quickly

To the slightest of change

“Are you on your?”

Dot dot dot

Stop, don’t go any further

No, no I’m not on my period

I just have emotions

I just have feelings

And they are valid

Any day of the month


photoRasheé Johnson is a high school senior from California. Feminism came to be a part of her life only a few years ago but since then her life has changed for the better. She is a part of the Women Of Worth (WOW) club on my high school campus. As a part of the club she helps to empower women on campus as well as in her community, for example helping women create a healthy self-image and instill a sense of community.  She’s found writing essays and poetry to be a great outlet for expressing her thoughts on feminism.