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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: (Video) Do You Know of Any Prominent Feminists?

By Ashley Yenick

Do millennials know of any famous feminists in our society? There are many feminists mentioned in this video: bell hooks, Audrey Lorde, Peggy McIntosh, Susan B. Anthony, Gloria Steinem, and Michelle Obama. I was intrigued to hear that Michelle Obama was considered a feminist.  I think the interviewee’s answer is perfect. We need to strive to create bigger goals for ourselves, and I think Michelle Obama has embodied that. Not only is she the FLOTUS, but she also published a book, is an advocate for the LGBT community, and supports the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. Other great prominent feminists that were mentioned were a part of the second and first-waves of feminism. With that said, millennials seem to have a clear notion of feminists in our society.  We just need more men and women striving for gender equality…


AshleyYenick-182x274Ashley Yenick is currently a junior at Merrimack College earning a B.A. in Mass Communications with a minor in Public and Professional Writing. She developed a love for writing at an early age, and strives to be a magazine journalist. Ashley is a newly-discovered feminist and was recently nominated at her college to attend a Women’s Leadership Seminar. In her Introduction to Public and Professional Writing class, her professor suggested researching a topic that she cared about. It was suggested that she start at, an edgy feminist website. Ashley’s research led to researching contemporary/millennial feminisms.  She hopes to launch a photo and video campaign informing young women on her campus about feminism. Ashley hopes this will make a lasting impact on other young women and that feminism will become something positive, and change the minds of young women and men across her campus.