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Extension! TFW Forum on Muslim Feminisms

Editor’s note: We’ve extended our deadline for submissions to July 15th.

The Feminist Wire (TFW) is seeking articles from Muslim women, men, and allies on their experiences as Muslim-identified and/or allied feminists. Given the wide racial, geographic, political, and social scope such a topic as “Muslim feminisms” covers, we would especially like contributions from perspectives that fall outside mainstream understandings of Islam and feminisms. Very often mainstream media presents Islam as a monolithic faith with monolithic followers. We seek works that complicate such representations and discuss the interplay of race, gender, sexuality, class, citizenship (or lack thereof), and other systems of privileges and oppressions from a variety of feminist viewpoints. This may include – but is not limited to – analyses, narratives, and/or creative expressions or alternative ways of knowing and practicing Islams; experiences of confronting patriarchy in readings of Islamic scripture or from fellow Muslims; struggles against war, racism, and other systematic oppressions, and/or organizing and building solidarities across religious, racial, and gender ‘boundaries.’ We especially encourage submissions that can speak to the achievements and challenges faced by Muslim women in local and global contexts.

We ask that authors keep in mind that some of our readers may be learning the basics of our individual practices and identities, and especially that our identities and feminisms are diverse and intersectional in many different ways. Submissions should therefore provide concise definitions of religious terms, explanations of particular belief systems and practices, analyses of differences between racial/religious/feminist understandings in specific historical contexts. All submissions should include citations, if possible, for the benefit of our readers.

Interested writers should email their pieces to [email protected], [email protected], AND [email protected] by June 26, 2012. Given the nature of the topic and the formatting required of TFW, we ask that contributors please limit their pieces to no more than 1500 words (not including attached images, references or footnotes). All submissions will be subject to edits and authors will be notified of the editors’ decision by July 1, 2012.

**This announcement was originally published May 22, 2012.**