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"The Word" in Two Movements



journeyed fast

in search of ground mines

trying to explode desire.

mind welcomed


but they journeyed this landscape

like a kleptomaniac’s

in search of treasures that were willed to me.

heart ruined because

your hands

touched cotton with fire


violently scratching…damn you!

my hands clasped my face

while you broke into my body

releasing semen that pillaged my anatomy

leaving behind traces of your presence.

it wasn’t until today that my lips quivered and spoke the Word: rape.


Tiny wood paneled room

crammed with brown-hued arms and legs

where soft lips detruded “praise Him!”

hands placed upon the dais

tongues were spoken

saliva dripped during fervent utterances

in the place where Sunday morning

and Wednesday evening preachers

stand erect sermonizing to sinners

about the Godhead, the HE,

who the him takes after

who struck me

with his godly power.

there, he learned to yield authority

and is taught to touch minds and move bodies.

after his spirit was lifted

we went home and

he fucked me without permission

because he imagined himself divine.

and then he left and took his ass to church

where he could jump redemptively

after the preacher spoke the word.