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MLK was no Feminist but…

TFW celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. today—not because he was a self-proclaimed feminist, but because his politics were.

King’s radical notion of the “beloved community,” where all persons are made in the image of the Divine, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, representation, ability, etc., as well as his commitment to fighting against everyday forms of bigotry, suggests this to be true.

Like you and I, King imagined a world where all persons are treated like somebody.  In this way, he was the ultimate “pro-lifer.”  His belief in the sacredness of humanity, which necessitates continuous, concrete struggle against social evil, and his desire for love in the most radical sense—the kind that demands justice and is actualized in community—leads me to believe that while King was no feminist, his politics would have eventually led him there…

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