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Fondness for Toni Cade Bambara

By Miyoshi Smith

The Salt Eaters (paper back)I like Toni Cade Bambara’s work, because the language in her stories is so much like the next door neighbor, a relative, children playing, and people experiencing life…When I met her at a book reading for The Salt Eaters in New York City, she, too was like that: real familiar, folksy, and just kinda of in.

When Toni Cade moved to Philadelphia, I would see her out, at socials…and gosh, she was just a very remarkable person: smart, witty, pretty, gifted in living and writing. Her work represents, I think, her love for humanity and what she felt and believed.

I was at her memorial and celebration as a camera person for the event; I had the opportunity to videotape, hear, and see Toni Cade’s life light reflected, held and hugged through stories of how Toni the friend, teacher, mother, daughter, sister had so much love for people and life.

gifted in living and writingMiyoshi Smith’s work involves music, film, video, writing, science and radio.