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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: Video: What is Feminism?

By Ashley Yenick

During this video, I consulted two students and two professors at Merrimack College. I hand picked these interviewees because they contribute to millennial feminism in enlightening ways, through teaching, researching theorizing and being.  What I found is that second-wave feminists seem to have a more clear notion of what it means to be a feminist and where and how far we need to go on the road toward equality.  Millennial feminists are still figuring out what this means for us; what equality and making a difference will look like for us and what it will take to get there.  There’s a long road ahead.  That said, joining together, millennials and others, will be a necessity.  I believe it is our collective works that will enable us to achieve equality and change how people view feminism.  However, it is important to recognize our existence and potential contributions.  Millennial feminists are here.  We have challenges, concerns, and work(s) to do as well. It’s up to all of us to make a difference.


AshleyYenickAshley Yenick is currently a junior at Merrimack College earning a B.A. in Mass Communications with a minor in Public and Professional Writing. She developed a love for writing at an early age, and strives to be a magazine journalist. Ashley is a newly-discovered feminist and was recently nominated at her college to attend a Women’s Leadership Seminar. In her Introduction to Public and Professional Writing class, her professor suggested researching a topic that she cared about. It was suggested that she start at, an edgy feminist website. Ashley’s research led to researching contemporary/millennial feminisms.  She hopes to launch a photo and video campaign informing young women on her campus about feminism. Ashley hopes this will make a lasting impact on other young women and that feminism will become something positive, and change the minds of young women and men across her campus.