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Introducing Erik C. Hollis: Editorial Intern

erik hollis_head shotErik Hollis is a Black queer feminist undergraduate student at the University of Arizona double-majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies (Sexualities and Queer Studies emphasis) and Film and Television Studies.

Erik is interested in critically engaging cinema and film as constituting a powerful ideological apparatus that at once mediates and structures social relations writ large. Jointly contemplating race, gender, and sexuality, he is interested in the ways cinema and film target historically marginalized populations to further re-iterate, re-instate, or consolidate their subject positions as such.

His affiliations include the Golden Key International Honor Society and Queer Conversation Collective (QC2). In 2008, he was Arizona State champion and a national semi-finalist in the Poetry Out Loud National Scholarship Competition, and in 2009 was the Arizona State champion and one of 12 national finalists. He is also a Certified Tutor Level 1 with the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

In his application, Erik wrote, “I am determined and empowered as a queer student of color to pursue a course of graduate study that speaks to my interdisciplinary interests in radical, decolonial, pro-feminist, and anti-racist thought and practice. TFW provides a platform for various voices to interrogate socio-political and cultural formations, trace their histories, and their ramifications through a feminist intersectional lens. Working as an editorial intern with TFW provides the opportunity to foster continued growth in my disciplines while gaining experience in a practical setting. This internship opportunity will further enable me to advance my goals and commitments to critical inquiry, academic activism and social justice.”

You can see why we liked him! Please join us in welcoming Erik into The Feminist Wire community.