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We Need You!!

The Feminist Wire recently launched an aggressive campaign to raise funds at Indiegogo entitled “Mediating Feminisms.”  The short of it is, we need to raise money to continue doing the work that we do, and we need you to do it.  Please see the statement below, also posted at our campaign site found here.  Below you will find out 1) what we have in store, 2) how we’ve been making TFW happen thus far, and 3) why we need you.  Be sure to also check out our really cool campaign videos from our awesome Collective members!!

This campaign is raising funds on behalf of The Feminist Wire, a diverse feminist, anti-racist, and anti-imperialist website on the verge of expansion. We have been your destination for socio-political-feminist-imperial-racial justice for almost two years.  However, we need a budget to not only continue this work, but to deepen it and make it more concrete.  Our aim is and has always been to change minds, actions and politics—on the ground.  All contributions will be utilized in one of three ways: to help us develop our Elementary Feminisms activist arm for grades K-12, to support the launching of a series of e-books on mediating feminisms, and to aid us in developing an operating budget for tech support, branding and formalizing our work, and hosting fees.

But we can’t do it alone.

With your help, we will be able to continue the work of gender and racial justice on the ground through our K-12Elementary Feminisms program and our collection of e-books on gender, sex, sexuality, race and media. Currently, we operate as a collective community of writers with no operating budget. We use personal funds to travel; develop new products, content areas, and research; and bring you “socio-political and cultural critiques of anti-feminist, racist and imperialist politics pervasive in all forms and spaces of private and public lives of individuals globally.”  We are the critical space between academia and the “world house;” the bridge that takes lofty ideas and applies them to real lived experiences.  And up until now, we’ve done it all out of pocket.  However, the bottom line is this: we need financial resources.  We need your help to expand and sustain our work, and in the process, to help us change lives.

The impact of your contributions will be great. It will enable us to, quite simply, do and give more.  And we have quite a lot to give!  But more importantly, it will aid us in making our world a better place.  With an annual readership over 1 million, we believe that we’re uniquely positioned to make a radical difference.  When you contribute to The Feminist Wire, you send a powerful statement that our daughters, sons, and non-gender conforming beloveds will not be silenced—that we can build the world we want through the creation of new technologies and concrete critiques of harmful ideologies and practices.  Now is the time to invest in the world you want.

There are many ways to help. You can donate funds (every gift, regardless of size, counts), and you can make some noise about our campaign through various social media tools like facebook and twitter.

Please support our work by donating today!