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Introducing: Edward (Eddie) Ndopu

edward picBorn to a South African freedom fighter mother who fled from the Apartheid regime to Namibia under self-imposed exile, Edward (Eddie) Ndopu is a dis/abled queer femme afropolitan living in Ottawa, Ontario. Named by the Mail and Guardian Newspaper as one of their Top 200 Young South Africans, he is a social critic, anti-oppression practitioner, consultant, writer, and scholar.

After graduating from the African Leadership Academy. Eddie won a scholarship to attend Carleton University in Canada where he is currently furthering his commitment to social justice advocacy. He is the founder of the Global Strategy for Inclusive Education and is known for his activism on the educational rights of children with disabilities in developing countries.

Eddie is a regular on the international conference circuit. He has participated as a discussion leader at the World Youth Meeting in Italy, given a Master’s Tea at Yale University, and delivered a keynote address at the International Association of Special Education’s Twelfth Biennial Conference.

An alumnus of the British Council’s Global Changemakers Programme, he has consulted for the World Economic Forum where he was commissioned to produce a white paper on the role of business in addressing youth employability and education.

As an anti-oppression practitioner, Eddie’s work pertains to disability justice, queer subjectivities, trans embodiment, black consciousness, anti-colonial resistance, and afropolitanism in relation to epistemic violence and structural discrimination. He is currently the administrative coordinator of the GLBTQ Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity at Carleton University. Eddie also serves on the board of Carleton University’s Institute of Research, Education, Accessibility, and Design (READ).