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Artist Spotlight: Larissa Mogano, Photographer

Photography by Larissa Mogano

“Morning Mist on Eucalyptus”

c. 2009, taken in San Diego, CA (location undisclosed), with Canon digital EOS Rebel XTi

“Checkered Past”

c. 2009, taken at Girard College, with Canon digital EOS Rebel XTi

“Cole St.”

c. 1996 (approx.), looking at Cole St. from Golden Gate Park, shot with Ektachrome slide reversal film on Canon FT 35mm camera body and lens


Larissa Mogano is a country girl transplanted to the city streets of West Philadelphia, by way of Oakland, CA, Pittsburgh, PA and roughly 44 other places in between. She has often experienced criticism for her non-traditional path, with experience in elementary education, film and video production, digital archiving of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and, most recently, a blind leap of faith inspired self-determination and into e-commerce. But, through the course of her travels she learned an unremarkable skill: to make lasting connections with a diverse set of powerfully talented individuals, all of whom she considers her personal teachers, gurus, shamans and mentors.

Always the observant one, Larissa’s interest in storytelling through photography began at an early age. With formal training in both film studies and journalism, her photographic style teeters between documentary and abstract while maintaining at least one consistent principle: any image frozen in time houses a lifetime of stories untold.

In addition to photography Larissa enjoys civic engagement at the local level, cooking and gardening, and she looks forward to the day that she and her partner completely renovate their 100-year-old West Philly home so that she may add traveling back onto her list of interests.

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