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For Darker Sisters

April 17, 2014
Coretta Scott King + Feminists

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes I am the great-great-great grandson of former enslaved Georgians—the Johnson family to be exact. I come from a lineage of individuals whom I do not know, and unfortunately know little about. All I know is that they picked cotton and tobacco, tilled fields, and did all they could to comply with...
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An Unfinished Story About Violence

April 10, 2014

By Emma Redden 30.25° N, 97.75° W I am in Austin, Texas, two thousand miles from home asking strangers on the sidewalk to talk about the epidemic of abusive men. I’m standing next to a pizza stand with a mist machine with a camera and stack of white papers. I am asking people I...
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Glenn McConnell and the College of Charleston: Hidden Histories and the Confederate Imagery

April 4, 2014
Protests at the College of Charleston.  From Professor Alison Piepmeier's blog:

By Jamie Huff South Carolina’s history as a former Confederate state engenders both resistance and refractory nostalgia. The recent decision to appoint Glenn McConnell as president of College of Charleston, a man known to wear a Confederate uniform, has sparked students, faculty, and staff to confront the state’s past support for slavery. It has...
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Poetry by Teré Fowler-Chapman

March 26, 2014

Truth levitated like smoke Thoughts came from the depth of our bellies Rose and set like a fresh breath in   Out of all the names left hanging on trees Burned on crosses Torn at the mercy of animals teeth   Out of all the names gunned down in the name of God Raped...
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Toward a Feminist Politics of De-Criminalization and Abolition: Why We Support Dr. Mireille Miller-Young

March 22, 2014

By Tamara L. Spira and Heather M. Turcotte We contest the criminalization of UC Santa Barbara feminist studies professor, Dr. Mireille Miller-Young. As feminists dedicated to fostering movements for anti-racist queer positive sexuality, we support Dr. Miller-Young. As feminists who work for the erotic autonomies and collective sexual self-determination of marginalized communities, we support...
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New Revolutions? Finding and Naming Them for Transnational Feminisms

March 4, 2014

By Zillah Eisenstein My writing is a small offering to give political voice to the extra-ordinary attempt at trans-national and cultural and racial and class and gender solidarity. It is to give a public recognition to women doing revolution on behalf of their bodies—sexually, economically, racially, politically. “We” are migrants, middle class, unemployed, poor,...
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A Home of Our Own: Temporary Housing and LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence

March 3, 2014

By Nicole S. Junior In 2012, twenty-one-year-old Romelle Johnson was transported by ambulance to a local Brooklyn, New York hospital.*  While en route, an EMT worked to staunch the blood leaking from Romelle’s stab wounds as Johnson struggled to communicate with the police officer who accompanied him.  Despite his fight for breath and words,...
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The Magic and Fury of Audre Lorde: Feminist Praxis and Pedagogy

February 24, 2014
Audre Lorde

By Angelique V. Nixon I have been woman for a long time beware my smile I am treacherous with old magic and the noon’s new fury with all your wide futures promised I am woman and not white. ~ Audre Lorde “A Woman Speaks,” The Black Unicorn The words in this poem have been...
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Three Poems by Joy KMT

February 5, 2014

By Joy KMT       Renisha McBride   Even now you are being explained away your body laid on the coffee table and autopsied again and again, like a game of operation only you can’t tell us when we have touched the truth   the dead are the most vulnerable of us all...
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Book Review: “A Penny Saved” by Arisa White

January 29, 2014

  A Penny Saved, by Arisa White (Willow Books) Reviewed by Sarah Mantilla Griffin   Between September 2001 and June 2012, far more American women were killed by domestic and intimate partner violence than U.S. troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Despite these staggering figures, domestic violence remains largely hidden from public...
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