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On Impact We Lie Die

August 26, 2014

I was in 9th grade, 14, at the start of this story, 5 years past my first period, past my first training bra, and a virgin. But only in the lying way of being a virgin, when a woman wants to own her own body, and says she’s a virgin even though her brother...
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Just in Case

August 20, 2014
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By Megan Koopman   When you become a woman and your breasts start to show in a way that makes vice principals shake and neighborhood boys stare. You begin to know three words so perfectly they string together like a banner from eyelash to eyelash.   Just in case   You see them while...
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On Date Rape and the Good Girl/Bad Girl Dichotomy

August 15, 2014
Carter picture for article

By Elena Carter In the hours after I was date-raped and had stumbled, still drunk, into the hotel room where I was staying with my identical twin sister, Corrina, I couldn’t shake the question my rapist had asked me earlier in the evening as he leaned in close to me, “Are you the good...
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Two Poems by Lorean Galarza

August 14, 2014
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Error: Page Not Available   I’m sorry. What you are asking for is not an option. This page Is Not Available.   Error.   My breasts are my own. Do not ask me if you can see them.   My waist is my own. Do not touch it.   My lips belong to me....
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The Dominos Fall Quickly

August 7, 2014
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By Emily Barasch   The dominos fall quickly in the way that I choose               And I have to act fast because they’re falling.                             Falling—and I direct the lean.   I direct the lean.  I have the...
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Poetry By Jaclyn Weber

May 30, 2014
Weber, bio photo

  The Walking Dead   Girl in my history class totally started looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead.                 Maybe I’m watching too much Walking Dead…   She’s shake, shake, shaking those rotten corpse legs in off-brand Ugg’s in ripped up faded jeans blue. In...
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Op Ed: Why On Earth Do We Let Colleges and Universities “Handle” Their Own Rape Cases?

May 19, 2014
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By Kari O’Driscoll On Tuesday, April 29, the White House issued a set of guidelines designed to address the hot-button issue of rape on college campuses. It would seem that the issue of sexual assault in the military has taken a back seat to the growing awareness of just how often college students are...
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On Misconceived Toxicity, Malice and Failures

May 13, 2014
queer Pakistani women

I really didn’t mean to participate in an act of solidarity with other women who had past and current relationships with the man who raped me. I am a “gay” Pakistani single woman who has a “history” of relationships with men. I’ve experienced scary episodes of “homophobic stalking” and “harassment,” things I’ve dealt with...
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I Knew what Rape was Before I Knew what Sex was

April 16, 2014

By Shivani Davé I knew what rape was before I knew what sex was. It wasn’t violent stranger rape that my mother told me about. That I knew by watching the news, by being afraid to walk down the street, it became instinct. It was the friend-that-you-invite-over-after-dinner, the guy-that-lives-down-the-hall-from-your-dorm-room, the date-that-doesn’t-take-no-for-an-answer-while-your-roommate-is-sleeping-in-the next-room, kind of...
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Poetry by Teré Fowler-Chapman

March 26, 2014

Truth levitated like smoke Thoughts came from the depth of our bellies Rose and set like a fresh breath in   Out of all the names left hanging on trees Burned on crosses Torn at the mercy of animals teeth   Out of all the names gunned down in the name of God Raped...
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  • Excerpts from In the Away Time by Kristen Nelson kristen

    . January You called me She instead of You. “Where is she going now?” is the first question you ever asked me. You were standing on a porch next to the last She who you broke. I remember looking up at you over my shoulder and smiling. I was going skinny-dipping. [...]

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    Two poets consider Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO, and the crucial ways in which Black Life Matters.     How Do I Love Thee? A love poem from the Ferguson, MO police dept to Black residents: An informal emulation of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 by Aya de Leon . How [...]

  • “Paws” by Tracy Burkholder tracy

    Paws   In sixth grade, I started to envy certain girls’ hands. Not always manicured, but always neat. Fingers thin and smooth. These hands gently freed sheets of paper from their metal spirals and lifted loops of hair to more beautiful perches. Lunch trays floated inside their gentle grip while [...]