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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: REMINDER Call for Forum Submissions on Campus Violence, Resistance, and Strategies for Survival

March 27, 2015

REMINDER: PLEASE SUBMIT BY 3/30/15 AND PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! “COLLECTIVE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS”:  CAMPUS VIOLENCE, RESISTANCE, AND STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL Editors: Martina “Mick” Powell (guest editor) and Heather M. Turcotte ~~~ In 2014, over fifty US college and university collectives filed formal Title IX complaints against their institutions for a variety of reasons, including the...
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Prose Poem: Containment Narrative

March 25, 2015
Prose Poem: Containment Narrative

By Clare Louise Harmon     I dressed blackunderwearredbra I worried that the strap would be seen & then I remembered I didn’t careatall fucktheorchestra and its fuckingdresscode skinnyjeansblackboots and crammed concertblack balledup I walked to the hall wrinkledclothes writhedatthethought of performance unpacked the viola to violentclouds of rosindust slippedpegs & then I remembered...
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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: When She Breaks Your Heart: A Collection of Poems

March 18, 2015
Ray bio pic

By Ray Fraizer ~~~   Fear   Tell me what fear is when you’re going eighty on E smoking what your father smelled like when you were fifteen turning away from his embrace   When you have a bleeding in your brain from trying too damn hard to be brave   Lie down and...
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Poem: “existing while being female”

March 18, 2015

By Jenuine Poetess     I don’t want to wear special nail polish don’t want to pay for self-defense classes don’t want to maintain this hyper-vigilance don’t want to feel this persistent dull ache of distrust of most men   I don’t want to stay in after dark don’t want to be scolded for...
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March 6, 2015
rebecca miller bio pic

By Rebecca Miller   The night is a prison for rainbows. Light-deprived prisms and spectrums of grey. Bowls of fake fruit as centerpieces And gift-wrapped sweets in corners of the call house. Men unpeeling the iridescent packaging From their mint condition crystal carapaces. Coasters strewn with wisps of candied zest, Tough luck burlesque.   ***************************** Montreal-born and raised, Rebecca Miller is...
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On the Eating of Tails by Lily Hoang

March 4, 2015
Lily Hoang pic

On the Eating of Tails Once I wrote a miniature book that I called a novellete that I called Webcam Sex and it was about webcam sex and it was written in a style that was a mockery of Tao Lin and Marie Calloway because I was bitter and this was years ago and...
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ELEMENTARY FEMINISMS: Three Poems on Being a Girl

February 26, 2015
Stevely's Mum, Family Photo

By Kirstin Stevely     Hush Little One   Hush little one, don’t say a word, Still knowing nothing of the big wide world. Nobody has told you what you must be, When you look in a mirror, it’s you that you see.   Hush pretty baby, go to sleep, Close your eyes, not...
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Selections from Sequoia Maner, Mahogany L. Browne, Veronica Golos, JP Howard, and Zanzooba Magdoos – Finalists for our Poetry Contest

February 25, 2015

The following 5 pieces were finalists for our 1st TFW Poetry Contest, judged by Evie Shockley. Please click the above link for an audio recording of “Black Boy Contrapuntal” by Sequoia Maner. Sequoia Maner is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin. She received her Bachelors...
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February 20, 2015

By Hannah Seelman               He threw me into a chair, into despair as the blood rain warm, drip drop drip down my forehead. His drunken breath twirling in my nose and stinging my eyes. The full-bellied moon of a haze watching through the window, gazes on.      ...
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Poetry by Honorable Mention finalists Shevaun Brannigan, Coco Owen, and Kimberly Reyes

February 18, 2015

2 poems by Shevaun Brannigan . In Response to Learning the Lego Line of Female Scientists was Limited Edition On the line of female Legos that will continue to be produced: “In a sad and metaphorical twist, the male can drive cars, run, and hold tools. The female minidolls can’t move their...
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