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On Misconceived Toxicity, Malice, and Failures

April 17, 2014
Pakistani queer women

"The million dollar questions are: Are efforts intended to increase reporting sexual harassment worth investing in for the greater good of womanity? What does the future of feminism hold for the queer women of the third world? Unless there are a hundred witnesses willing to stand up against the rapist, “solidarity” doesn’t really mean...
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Mockeries of Separation (a poem)

February 28, 2014
e nina jay picture

. by e nina jay   “we must not hide behind the mockeries of separations that have been imposed upon us and which we so often accept as our own.”   ~audre lorde . . racism    classism    sexism    homophobia   ableism any kind of –ism you can think of ‘cause even these words are a...
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POSTSCRIPT: a love note

February 26, 2014
Michelle Parkerson

By Michelle Parkerson “Don’t mythologize me.” Audre Lorde (from the documentary, “A LITANY FOR SURVIVAL”) Consider this a love note never sent, Audre, for that brief, clairvoyant moment you publicly danced with me or the afternoon you showed up unannounced at my door on a not-so-happy Birthday, shapeshifting blues to celebration.  It was an...
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The Lorde Works in Mysterious and Magical Ways: An Introduction to TFW’s Audre Lorde Forum

February 18, 2014
Students & friends after Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins & Melinda Goodman's guest lecture in Simmons' Lorde seminar

I write libation to all those known and unknown ancestors across lifetimes that have gone before me and upon whose shoulders I literally stand. Tuesday, February 18, 2014 is the 80th birthday anniversary of Audre Lorde, the self-defined Black Lesbian Feminist Mother Warrior Poet. In her short lifetime in the physical form, Sister Lorde...
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On Michael Sam Coming Out

February 13, 2014
Kopay and Sam

By Cheryl Cooky Nearly a year ago today, I was invited to deliver a lecture to the students at Wabash College (a small, all-male, liberal arts College in central Indiana) on the issue of homophobia in sport. This was part of the lead up to Wabash College’s performance of Richard Greenberg‘s Tony-Award winning play...
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“Action Expresses Priorities”: The Sochi Olympics and a Culture of Complicity

November 5, 2013
“Action Expresses Priorities”: The Sochi Olympics and a Culture of Complicity

The upcoming Sochi Olympics are already shrouded in violence and inequality.  It is the Olympics after all, so the political, social, and cultural entanglements between the world’s largest sporting spectacle and the broader social realities (injustices) are nothing new. Yet, with the Olympics just over the horizon, 2014 will spotlight the ongoing oppression facing GLBTQ...
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Say No to Homophobia: The 2014 Russian Olympics

November 4, 2013
Russian Olympics

By Zillah Eisenstein I have recently returned from St. Petersburg, where nationalist thugs assaulted gay pride demonstrators in June of this year after Putin passed a law forbidding “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors.” The documentary “Children 404” describes these developments. Since the passage of Putin’s punitive bill, anti-LGBT violence and harassment is...
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Feminists We Love: Michael Kimmel (Video)

July 26, 2013

Michael Kimmel, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Sociology at Stony Brook University, is a nationally-recognized scholar and activist committed to the study of manhood and masculinity.  His book Manhood in America: A Cultural History is a seminal text on the subject.  When the third edition of the text was published in 2011, Christopher Forth...
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Op-Ed: Are Black People More Homophobic Than White People?

May 19, 2013

By Sidney Fussell Simply put, no. Black people are not “more” homophobic than white people. That’s a myth. But here I want to unpack what purpose this myth serves for the status quo and how this myth distracts from white homophobia. White dominated LGBT organizations such as GLAAD, NOH8, and the It Gets Better...
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Race and Community Accountability

April 27, 2013

By Qui Dorian Alexander I came into feminism as a butch Latina lesbian at a women’s college. Today I stand as a brown queer trans masculine person who moves through the world read as a cis brown man. I have often felt like my place in feminism has not always been welcomed, thought it...
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