COLLEGE FEMINISMS: Forum Submissions on Campus Violence, Resistance, and Strategies for Survival DUE 6/1/15

May 27, 2015

NEXT WEEK!! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY & SUBMIT!! SUBMISSIONS DUE: JUNE 1, 2015 Thank you to everyone who has submitted to the College Feminisms Forum!  Please continue to share and submit!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “COLLECTIVE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS”:  CAMPUS VIOLENCE, RESISTANCE, AND STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL Editors: Martina “Mick” Powell (guest editor) and Heather M. Turcotte ~~~ In 2014,...
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Climate Change and Feminist Environmentalisms: Closing Remarks

May 1, 2015

By Cristina Awadalla, Piper Coutinho-Sledge, Alison Criscitiello, Julie Gorecki, and Sonalini Sapra Climate change impacts us all, from the itty-bitty crawler in your garden to the mother in Africa who spends most of her days dangerously trekking for clean water. This forum has concentrated on varying subjects, which shed light on how the climate...
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COLLEGE FEMINISMS: Cultural Plagiarism

March 25, 2015
Retrieved From: Snoron Wallpapers

By Shantel Perry   Cultural appropriation is a continuing epidemic in the United States (US). Yes I said it, Black Culture (although we are not the only ones) is being eroded and manipulated by Whites who steal elements of Black Culture, adapt them for dominant and mainstream use, and rebrand them as popular, new,...
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The Star Studded White Savior Industrial Complex in Haiti

March 11, 2015

By Natalia Cardona Patricia Arquette’s recent remarks during the Oscars made for strong debate among feminists of color and white feminists in the U.S. Arquette stated that women, in this case white women, helped gays and people of color in the U.S. in their struggles for their human rights, and that now it was...
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Confronting the Rhetoric of “Black on Black Crime”: A Response to Derailing Strategies

March 5, 2015
Xhercis Mendez

By Xhercis Méndez This article is dedicated to all those who seek to produce justice in the face of state sanctioned violence vis-à-vis police brutality, or what is understood in its sanitized version as “excessive force” targeting marginalized communities. Here, I define and examine a set of derailing strategies currently being used by mainstream...
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“Black Girls Matter”: An Interview with Kimberle Crenshaw and Luke Harris

February 23, 2015

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes  On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) released its groundbreaking report, “Black Girls Matter.” Ahmad Greene-Hayes, a guest writer for The Feminist Wire, interviews Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw and Dr. Luke Harris, from AAPF, about this report’s impact on the Black Lives Matter movement. The report, executive summary, and social...
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We Walk Among You: Poverty in the Ivory Tower

February 5, 2015

By Zoel T. Rodriguez I was in class today talking about poverty. We were discussing public benefits. Or rather, something having to do with poverty and poor people and how terrible it is that some people do not have stable jobs or income or food or access to hospitals. And I was sitting there...
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Top Yoga Studios Unite to Racially Profile Black “Yoga Thief”

February 2, 2015

By Sabrina Strings His picture was not to go unnoticed. It was planned that way. Flyers showing his face were posted prominently; one was under the clock in the changing room, another on the window of the storefront facing a busy street. In the photograph he is wearing— conveniently enough—a beanie that could double...
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White People for Black Lives

January 14, 2015
Black Lives Matter

By Zillah Eisenstein Revolutionary imagination is the most dangerous and therefore meaningful thing any of us have to offer. So I am writing in support of coalition building in the struggle against racism that will matter more, and do more. There is a new anti-racist movement led by Blacks, many who are queer Black...
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An Interview with Sherry Payne: Nurse, Childbirth Educator, Womanist

January 5, 2015
Sherry Payne

Monica: I first became aware of your work through the Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk. Can you tell me more about the circumstances that prompted you to launch this project? Sherry: The walk came about because of my frustration with the maternity care world. Despite perinatal health disparities in the African-American community being well...
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