For Darker Sisters

April 17, 2014
Coretta Scott King + Feminists

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes I am the great-great-great grandson of former enslaved Georgians—the Johnson family to be exact. I come from a lineage of individuals whom I do not know, and unfortunately know little about. All I know is that they picked cotton and tobacco, tilled fields, and did all they could to comply with...
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The Future: Resistance Beyond Apathy

April 16, 2014

The lamenting of “today’s youth” and their so-called apathy, ignorance and self-indulgence is nothing new.  Each successive generation is often dismissed by “adults” who publicly shame the “future” for their supposed ineptitude and perpetual failure to uphold the “values” of past generations.  However, nostalgia is a dangerous drug.  Beyond the simplicity, historic amnesia and...
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Beyond the Politics of Voting

April 15, 2014
Obama Rally, Manassas, VA, November 3, 2008

By Alexandra Moffett-Bateau   As a political scientist, during any given election year, I’m bombarded with questions about my assessment of the current electoral slate. The look of disappointment is always palatable when I tell folks that, that isn’t what I do. After all, what good is a black political scientist that doesn’t study...
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Trying to Understand (Critique): A Daughter’s Prayer

April 8, 2014

By Shelby Crosby I began asking why as soon as I learned the word. To critique seems intuitive to me. To move beyond critique, even figuratively, makes me anxious and a bit angry:  as though I am being asked to give up a friend or maybe a frenemy. I understand and find comfort in...
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From Feminist Critique to Social Transformation: Lessons from Social Forum

April 8, 2014

By Rose M. Brewer A little over seven years ago, January 20-25, 2007, I was in Nairobi, Kenya at the World Social Forum.  For those unfamiliar with the forum, it is the global gathering of the world’s peoples, the dispossessed, genders, ethnicities, cultures, and regions.  The World Social Forum was established in 2001 in...
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The Promise of Post-Oppositional Politics: A Preliminary Conversation

April 7, 2014

By Layli Maparyan and  AnaLouise Keating Layli Maparyan (LM): How did you come to the notion of post-oppositional politics? AnaLouise Keating (ALK): I’ve only started using the term “post-oppositional” fairly recently (when I was working on my book, Transformation Now!), but for years, I’ve been attracted to theories, practices, and people who enact resistance...
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Just Because: Colorblindness Is a Real Problem

April 4, 2014

By Mohadesa Najumi **This post is dedicated to all the strong people of the world who persevere every day for justice in the face of mass ignorance, resistance and a fusillade of criticism that the world we imagine is simply a “utopia” that we will never reach. You are critical in the face of widespread...
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Glenn McConnell and the College of Charleston: Hidden Histories and the Confederate Imagery

April 4, 2014
Protests at the College of Charleston.  From Professor Alison Piepmeier's blog: http://alisonpiepmeier.blogspot.com/.

By Jamie Huff South Carolina’s history as a former Confederate state engenders both resistance and refractory nostalgia. The recent decision to appoint Glenn McConnell as president of College of Charleston, a man known to wear a Confederate uniform, has sparked students, faculty, and staff to confront the state’s past support for slavery. It has...
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In Solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young: Porn Studies, Context, and Speech

April 2, 2014
One of the images Dr. Miller-Young analyzes in her scholarship.

By Heather Berg Various scholars, journalists, and shock jocks have shared their perspectives on the March 4th encounter between UCSB Professor Mireille Miller-Young and the anti-choice group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust (writing this out gives me the creeps so I’ll use SAH subsequently). I am not interested in presenting a judgment of Professor...
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What has changed for you? Reflections on Women’s History Month and Movement Forward

April 1, 2014

By Lorena Campos The Women’s History Month comes to an end not without reflections. Instead, we should remind advances but seek first real stock of the situation of women in contemporary times throughout the following year. In 2012, I covered the United Nations International Women’s Day events themed “Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and...
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