Personal is Political.

Our “Personal Is Political” column honors personal narrative as a source of theory and analysis, politics, pedagogy, and survival. Thus, in keeping with the feminist legacy of naming the private and personal as sites that are no less political than the public, we are committed to making space for explicating and interrogating the lives of feminists, as well as the space necessary to offer self-reflexive analyses. In this column, we will publish first-person essays, autobiographical accounts, testimonies, and memoirs that pay homage to and elevate the lived experiences of feminists throughout the world. NOTE: Please review each category carefully to make sure you’re submitting your work to the appropriate reviewers.

Late Bloomer

October 28, 2014

Of course, “slut” was cloaked in phrases like “appropriate appearance” and “giving a professional impression.” Sitting across from this woman who obviously had not signed up to be a mother or middle school hall monitor, I kind of felt sorry for her. How did we both get here?
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Thank You So Much for Telling Me I’m Pretty

October 21, 2014

Thank you so much for telling me I’m pretty. Because I can’t possibly know if I’m pretty unless you tell me. How could I know? Clearly, I must need you to tell me. I must need three, seven, ten men to tell me everyday.
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Can the Subaltern Catcall?

October 14, 2014

If we wish to sincerely practice intersectionality in our feminism, then we must look with eyes unclouded by idolization at the white feminists of the past.
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The Myth of Diversity and Critical Thinking in American Academia

October 7, 2014
Academic Robes

American ideals about meritocracy and “pulling yourself up by your boot straps” are myths. They simply do not exist. Education in a capitalist system is not designed to take you out of the class you are born into.
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Memories of My Grandmother

September 30, 2014

I hope I can live through life's ups and downs like she did, by deeply adoring the happy moments and enduring the bitter ones with dignity.
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Get Your Hormones Out of My Body

September 23, 2014

I believe that any safe birth control option should be made available to anyone (male or female) who wishes to exert control over their reproductive capacity. However, hormonal birth control is not for everyone and it is not for me.
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An Open Letter to amerika

September 16, 2014

When people say racism doesn’t exist, they are blinded. They are blinded by the privilege and high property value that their skin possesses; they are blinded by the whiteness that their skin caresses.
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Love Note: Renewed Hunger

September 9, 2014

Life, vitality, uncertainty—that’s the terrain you tread on when you rid yourself of comforts that your sickness afforded you.
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Daddy’s Little Bluebird, Daddy’s Little Girl

September 2, 2014
R.B. Stuart

I hadn't known it then, but my only protector had died. And so did my childhood.
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On Impact We Lie Die

August 26, 2014

I was in 9th grade, 14, at the start of this story, 5 years past my first period, past my first training bra, and a virgin. But only in the lying way of being a virgin, when a woman wants to own her own body, and says she’s a virgin even though her brother...
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