Meme what you say, say what you meme: What kind of Asian woman am I? A good one gone bad

August 16, 2014
j. mijin cha

By J. Mijin Cha As I was sitting through the second excruciating hour of my first Tinder date, I couldn’t help thinking: How did I end up here, sitting across a white man who wouldn’t stop mansplaining about the difference between Japanese and Korean culture? More important, how had I so internalized social norms about...
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Op-Ed: The NFL’s Response to Violence Against Women: Why One Fan Won’t Watch This Year

August 13, 2014

This is an issue of basic human dignity and respect. I, as a man, am perfectly capable of not beating up my wife and children. Most men are.
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Op-Ed: Why Buzzfeed’s Birth Control Activism Is Appreciated but Misguided

July 30, 2014

By Kari O’Driscoll On July 16, Buzzfeed asked their female employees to answer the question, “Why do you take birth control pills?” Twenty-two of them responded by writing their answers on a large sketch pad and having their photograph taken. To date, there have been more than two million views of the project, with...
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Op-Ed: All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America

July 9, 2014
Op-Ed: All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America

By David Cuillier If you want to know what kinds of news Americans consume in their daily lives, just ask a white man. He probably picked it for you. Despite decades-long efforts by news companies to increase the percentage of women and minorities working in newsrooms and quoted in newspapers, the efforts have largely failed....
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Op-Ed: Body Politic (or, Skinny Hate: Maria Kang, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the New Misogyny)

March 30, 2014

By Laila Pedro As a longtime dancer now working as a scholar, writer, and media strategist, I am (often to my detriment) deeply and constantly aware of how women’s bodies—my own and others’— are talked about and looked at. I follow with befuddled, irresistible interest the bafflingly tone-deaf coverage of “fat acceptance”, body issues,...
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Op-Ed: Colonial Legacies of Africa’s Homophobia: Finding a Narrative That Works for African LGBT Movements

March 23, 2014

By Val Kalende At a time when more countries are moving toward inclusive human rights, Africa, once called a “dark continent,” is making steps backward. The phrase “dark continent” has evolved in similar ways that “homosexuality” has evolved over time. Initially used as a metaphor for Africa’s thick rain forests, the phrase became a synonym for...
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What We Lose When We Focus Our Discussion on Jared Leto Rather than Rayon: Queer Politics and the Forgotten Heroes of the AIDS Crisis

March 17, 2014

By Mairead Sullivan While Rayon’s death in the Dallas Buyers Club was not the stereotypical death of a tragic transgender character, it was a tragic death stereotypical of the millions of victims of the AIDS crisis that continues to plague our communities, as well as set the global political agenda in regards to health,...
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A Home of Our Own: Temporary Housing and LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence

March 3, 2014

By Nicole S. Junior In 2012, twenty-one-year-old Romelle Johnson was transported by ambulance to a local Brooklyn, New York hospital.*  While en route, an EMT worked to staunch the blood leaking from Romelle’s stab wounds as Johnson struggled to communicate with the police officer who accompanied him.  Despite his fight for breath and words,...
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Op Ed: It’s Time to Answer the Call for Mobile Education

February 10, 2014
Image credit: http://www.appwrap.org/mobile-phones-fight-womens-illiteracy-in-afghanistan/

By Laura Odenthal As ringtones interrupt class and texting diverts attention, it is no wonder that many teachers view cell phones as a classroom distraction. But when looked at in a different way, cell phones can provide transformational learning in places when formal classroom settings may not be available. For students in the developing...
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Op-Ed: Why Does “Gender” Mean No Pay?

February 3, 2014
why does gender mean no pay

By Dean Laplonge It’s not unusual for me to be approached by resource companies for advice. My research and work explore the topic of gender in male-dominated industries like mining, and oil and gas. And gender has become something of a buzz-focus in these industries. I received such an invitation the other day from...
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