A Tale of Two Mothers

April 21, 2014

By Hanifa Barnes Scottsdale, AZ It is a beautiful afternoon in Scottsdale, AZ. The temperature will reach a high of 80 degrees, as a single mother of two prepares for a long-awaited interview. She knows that this opportunity could mean a positive turn for her family. This opportunity means that she could pay for...
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For Darker Sisters

April 17, 2014
Coretta Scott King + Feminists

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes I am the great-great-great grandson of former enslaved Georgians—the Johnson family to be exact. I come from a lineage of individuals whom I do not know, and unfortunately know little about. All I know is that they picked cotton and tobacco, tilled fields, and did all they could to comply with...
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Trying to Understand (Critique): A Daughter’s Prayer

April 8, 2014

By Shelby Crosby I began asking why as soon as I learned the word. To critique seems intuitive to me. To move beyond critique, even figuratively, makes me anxious and a bit angry:  as though I am being asked to give up a friend or maybe a frenemy. I understand and find comfort in...
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Meditations on Being Right

April 8, 2014

By Lyndsey Godwin This is a sermon that was given on February 12, 2013 at the weekly chapel service held at Vanderbilt Divinity School, an inter-denominational, though historically Judeo-Christian graduate school for theological education.  The focal scripture for this service was 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. In February, I traveled with a small group of Vanderbilt...
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A Feminist Defense of Cinderella

March 27, 2014

Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin explores the relationship between feminism and princess culture for #personalIsPoliticalOnTFW, "When we completely and totally reject princess culture, we limit our daughters from a full exploration of their gender and femininity. I find this quite ironic, since many of my 'mommies of girls' friends worry that by exposing their daughters to princesses...
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Mushy Carrots

March 18, 2014

Gaayathri Nair, "I have been integrated, assimilated, subsumed and transformed forever by the experience of growing up other. It is like a chemical reaction, both components are irreversibly changed by their interaction with each other." #personalIsPoliticalOnTFW
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Chicana Motherwork

March 6, 2014

Michelle Téllez writes about Chicana motherwork for #personalIsPoliticalonTFW.
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Women, Men, Horses, and the Wild, Wild West: An Interview with Deanne Stillman

March 5, 2014
Women, Men, Horses, and the Wild, Wild West: An Interview with Deanne Stillman

I met Deanne Stillman in September 2013, and it seemed we had a great deal to discuss. We talked on a breezy, warm day at a Starbucks near the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, covering topics ranging from writing, to violence against women, to militarization—all issues of great interest to both of us....
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Broken Mothers, Shattered Daughters: For Women Who Have Loved and Survived [Trigger Warning]

February 27, 2014
shattered daughters

By Amoni Thompson Broken mothers raising shattered daughters reflecting familiar suns. Little black girls like me were always in some kind of trouble. Whether we spoke at the wrong moment, had one too many questions, or sat on the couch with our legs too far apart. We were the ones who were always too...
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Audre Lorde Tribute

February 19, 2014
Audre Lorde
Image copyright: Dagmar Schultz

By Blanche Wiesen Cook and Clare Coss To Audre – beloved friend – as a galactic birthday celebration your words went viral on the internet this week:  ”It is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.”  White southern sports anchor Dale Hansen quoted you...
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