On Ferguson’s Protest and Its Occupation

August 22, 2014
Associated Press/Jeff Roberson

By Vanessa Lynn Lovelace On Saturday, August 9, 2014 at around noon, eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer. Eyewitnesses report that Brown was unarmed when the officer opened fire on him. The autopsy reports that Brown was killed by multiple gunshot wounds, but the report initially did not...
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Two Poems by Lorean Galarza

August 14, 2014
Galarza bio photo

Error: Page Not Available   I’m sorry. What you are asking for is not an option. This page Is Not Available.   Error.   My breasts are my own. Do not ask me if you can see them.   My waist is my own. Do not touch it.   My lips belong to me....
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Feminists We Love: Wagatwe Wanjuki

August 8, 2014
Wagatwe Wanjuki

Wagatwe Wanjuki is a feminist activist working and living in the New York City area. She uses new media tools to advance social justice. You can learn more about her work here. Stephanie: Wagatwe, I’ve been a fan of yours for years – we both fight sexual violence on college campuses. You have been an...
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On Feeling Depleted: Naming, Confronting, and Surviving Oppression in the Academy

August 5, 2014
academic industrial complex

By Nicole Nguyen and R. Tina Catania “There is a politics to exhaustion. Feeling depleted can be a measure of just what we are up against.” Meet Stuart. He’s a fellow doctoral student. Watching Stuart – a white, able-bodied, middle-class man – for a short time, one sees the ease with which he glides...
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Love in a Time of Contingency: A Letter to Women’s and Gender Studies

July 24, 2014
contingent faculty

I came to women’s and gender studies as many do: on a search for answers. Between the pages of Patricia Hill Collins and Gloria Anzaldúa, Judith Butler and Donna Haraway, I began to find them. I started to heal from an abusive relationship that shaped my teens and early 20s. I came to understand...
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TFW at the Upcoming National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference

July 18, 2014
NWSA 2014

Several members of The Feminist Wire will be in San Juan, PR for the National Women's Studies Association annual conference this November! Will you? If so, please consider adding our presentations to your personal schedule and checking us out! Additionally, if you're presenting, let us know in the comments, and we'll do our best...
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Refusing to Compromise My Beliefs

July 11, 2014

By Christina Peterson As a student, I never thought I would be stuck in a place where I face the possibility of failing a class because I refuse to conform to another person’s beliefs. During my junior year of college, I took a course that required me to make a survey, send it out...
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Op-Ed: All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America

July 9, 2014
Op-Ed: All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America

By David Cuillier If you want to know what kinds of news Americans consume in their daily lives, just ask a white man. He probably picked it for you. Despite decades-long efforts by news companies to increase the percentage of women and minorities working in newsrooms and quoted in newspapers, the efforts have largely failed....
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Pretty Black Girls Just Don’t Exist

July 3, 2014
Beauty Reflection Warning

By Kaila Philo At least, this is what I’ve taken from you all these years. Black women aren’t meant to be love interests or high school crushes, dynamic leaders or multi-dimensional heroes; but rather, they are seen as wise God-fearing grammies and sassy big-boned caricatures. I’m a strong black woman who don’t need no...
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Homeland Security Goes to School

July 2, 2014
Image credit:

By Nicole Nguyen On a rather dreary day in April 2013, I found myself holed up inside of a cardboard box on a closet shelf some ten feet in the air. Gripping my blue training gun, I shifted my weight and listened to my heart beat faster in anticipation. Suddenly, a group of high school...
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