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For Darker Sisters

April 17, 2014
Coretta Scott King + Feminists

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes I am the great-great-great grandson of former enslaved Georgians—the Johnson family to be exact. I come from a lineage of individuals whom I do not know, and unfortunately know little about. All I know is that they picked cotton and tobacco, tilled fields, and did all they could to comply with...
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An Unfinished Story About Violence

April 10, 2014

By Emma Redden 30.25° N, 97.75° W I am in Austin, Texas, two thousand miles from home asking strangers on the sidewalk to talk about the epidemic of abusive men. I’m standing next to a pizza stand with a mist machine with a camera and stack of white papers. I am asking people I...
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Just Because: Colorblindness Is a Real Problem

April 4, 2014

By Mohadesa Najumi **This post is dedicated to all the strong people of the world who persevere every day for justice in the face of mass ignorance, resistance and a fusillade of criticism that the world we imagine is simply a “utopia” that we will never reach. You are critical in the face of widespread...
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Continuation in Death: Generous Inspiration from the Warrior Poet

February 18, 2014
Morgen Snowadzky

By Morgen Snowadzky It may seem incorrect to talk about death for a birthday celebration. I believe that we must embrace death to appreciate life. Contemporary America tends to have an awkward relationship with death. It causes people to fumble around emotions they aren’t used to dealing with in an often sterile world that...
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Help Wanted: Sexual Harassment and the Restaurant Industry

February 7, 2014

By Jennifer McGreevey   On my second day of waitressing at Athen’s Kitchen*, it rained. “It sucks cock,” said my boss, Baldios*, barely understandable due to his heavy Greek accent. “Days like this, they suck cock.” Statements like these were not uncommon from the manager of the popular Forest Hills, N.Y. eatery, where the...
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Until the Last One…

January 21, 2014
Jones-Until the Last One

By Olivia N. Jones, Mount Holyoke College ‘14   September 14, 2013 was Marissa Alexander’s 33rd birthday.  It is undoubtedly incredibly unfortunate that this black mother of three, who had no prior arrests, was forced to spend this birthday (and at least the next 10, if Florida has its way) behind bars.  What is worse...
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I am a girl

January 15, 2014

By Rasheé Johnson I am a girl With imperfect skin With imperfect intentions I am an imperfect person With a strong spirit But with strong doubts I doubt myself As do you With your statements Of fact, of course You say: “You’re so sensitive” And I say: “Am I?” Am I really? Do I...
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Unpacking the Idea of Segregated College Hostels

January 14, 2014

 By Leila Gautham Note: I am a final year undergraduate student at St Stephen’s College at Delhi University. I was involved in a student movement against sexual discrimination in college spaces. I have never written for a formal space before (though we wrote and published a great number of pamphlets within college). We have...
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My Intersectional Take on Marriage “Equality”

January 13, 2014
marriage equality

By T’Shana McClain In the wake of the gay-marriage debate sweeping the nation, I am aware that my stance on marriage equality is inextricably linked to my experience as a bi-racial child of a single mother raised in the racist South. As everyone waited in anticipation this past summer for news of the Supreme...
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The Sentiment of Success

January 11, 2014
sentiment of success

By Camille Evans I am an artist, a feminist, and a reluctant perfectionist. But what I am certainly not is—emotional. When it comes to self-expression, I find myself to be an utter failure, desperately treading water in the undulating ocean that is my unbridled subconscious. Drawing, painting, even keeping a diary is profoundly difficult...
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