The Dominos Fall Quickly

August 7, 2014

By Emily Barasch


The dominos fall quickly in the way that I choose

              And I have to act fast because they’re falling.

                            Falling—and I direct the lean.


I direct the lean.  I have the power to choose.

I can’t control what happens to me.  Attacked—assaulted.

I had no control over his

actions. “I couldn’t have done anything differently.”


But I decide how to proceed.


He didn’t take that from me. My freedom to move forward.



              Comes from within.


But the darkness can bubble over and drown you.

Rise so high that you can’t get out until

someone rescues you.




              Tears flowing like an infinity pool, never ceasing.


I know what it’s like—and I don’t want to fall.

I don’t want my freedom taken from me.


He took that day

              Those two days

                            Those three days

                                          Those ten minutes

Powerless—at his mercy—no way out until he stopped.


But he’s gone now. He’s not holding me anymore.

His hands aren’t on my face—my



I’m free. Free from his grasp. Free to move forward. Free to rise.

And I want to rise.

              Rise up—Rise away—not fall.


It happened and I’m okay.

              I’m alive. I can move.



Barasch bio photoEmily Barasch is a senior at Tulane University studying sociology and dance. Exploring the place and power that art has within society is her greatest passion. Her thirst for experiences and expanding herself has lead her to live in Israel, New Orleans, and South Africa. She hopes her words can help empower other women to get through difficult experiences and find solace.​


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One Response to The Dominos Fall Quickly

  1. denise on August 7, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Beautiful piece! You are free and did not let the negative rule your future. Thanks for giving an older woman, who gave too many years to her attacker, hope.

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